Stuck wondering what to do in the holidays?

Single With Children Adult/Family holiday breaks, whether at home or abroad are a great choice both for the fun and the financial elements!

Going away in a large friendly group has so many benefits; it takes the pressure off parents over what to do. Keeping the children amused with fun activities and no need for you to constantly have eyes in the back of your head!

Our camping trips are ever popular; booking plots together so that we can all sit around the camp fire in the evening to relax, allowing the children to mix naturally with others in the group and providing that added bit of enjoyment to your weekend away. There are fun activities for kids so they don’t need to be bored – even for the most active kids.


Fancy getting out of the house over the weekend but don’t have your children with you? No problem… many of our weekend fun activities are classed as Adult/Family which means you can come along with or without the kids in tow.

There’s plenty to do … bush walking, bicycling, picnics, pub lunches and sightseeing are just a few.


kids having fun 4 kids having fun

Single with children has adult and family functions on every weekend as well as in the school holidays. it’s the best way to meet other single parents in a relaxed and low key environment. There are fun activities for kids on every weekend around Sydney

bikeriding 1bushwalking

Kids bored – nothing to do at home  – not with single with children !!

We have fun activities for kids on every weekend – plus it saves you money. It’s the best way to meet other single parents who understand.

Single with children provides fun and exciting activities for kids and single parent families every weekend.


 Remember:      ‘There are no strangers here … only friends we haven’t met.’