About Us

Single with Children is a incorporated non-profit social organisation based in Sydney, Australia.

It is run by single parents and caters for the needs of single parent families. We provide social activities every week for both custodial and access single parents as well as their children.


The Single Parent Family Association Inc (SPFA) was launched in April 1996 with a vision to create an association that would allow single parents to get together with their families in a safe, non-threatening environment and focus on the unique and special challenges of raising children alone.

Single with Children was launched in Oct 2005 as a social group name which more clearly communicates who we are and what we stand for – our vision remains the same.


This is achieved through social activities where single parents can meet and relate to others in similar situations.

We are self-directing, changing as the needs of our members change.

An elected committee runs Single with Children according to a set of Rules and Regulations, with By–Laws. As Single with Children changes, these By–Laws can be changed to meet the needs of the members.


  • To provide a social outlet which includes children, for single parents who would otherwise find it difficult to socialise with people in similar circumstances.
  • To provide companionship, friendship and emotional support in an atmosphere of understanding and co-operation to a varied and appealing social programme of activities, both with or without children.
  • To provide an outlet, where single parent children can relate to each other, and feel their situation is not unique.
  • To promote and support issues which will help to improve the future relationships of single parents and their children.
  • To optimise support from the wider community in order to facilitate our vision.
  • To actively support the aims and objectives of the Single Parent Family Association through co-operation with other members and other organisations which can help single parents and their children.


An elected committee runs Single with Children. All committee members are single parents and are volunteers.

A committee meeting is held at least six times a year. see the Getting started page for more information on how to obtain this.

An annual general meeting is held each May to elect new committee members.

Current Committee members for 2017

Position Person Contact
President Leanne Bennett president@singlewithchildren.com.au
Secretary Kate Harding secretary@singlewithchildren.com.au
Treasurer Kyra  MacPherson treasurer@singlewithchildren.com.au
Marketing Vacant marketing@singlewithchildren.com.au
Membership Cheryl Brown membership@singlewithchildren.com.au
Enquiries casual position held by Cheryl Brown 1300 300 496 or
Hospitality Vick Daniel hospitality@singlewithchildren.com.au
Events Coordination Casual position held by Leanne Bennett functions@singlewithchildren.com.au
WebMaster Vacant website@singlewithchildren.com.au
eHighlights Adam Buckley ehighlights@singlewithchildren.com.au
General Committee Members Nisha Chandran general@singlewithchildren.com.au
Communications & Social Media Casual position held by Adam Buckley socialnetwork@singlewithchildren.com.au


Founding Members

The following four people had the vision and drive to create a dynamic and lasting social group that over the years has brought together thousands of single parents and their children in a safe and welcoming environment.

Margo Courtney

Annette Cape

Malcolm McDonald

Roger O’Grady


In the Press


Have you recently heard about Single with Children? Well you aren′t the only one. Our community service announcement has been getting plenty of airplay around Sydney.

The word is spreading about this great group that is ready to welcome new members on board.
Listen to radio community service announcement by clicking on the arrow

Single with children provides a range of fun and exciting activities for kids and single parent families every weekend in Sydney and it’s surrounding suburbs.



Marketing Coordinator – Email: marketing@singlewithchildren.com.au

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