Getting Started

Many single parents find themselves socially isolated; they feel overwhelmed with the challenges of raising their children on their own and can quickly run out of ideas of how keep their kids entertained and stimulated.

Single with Children is a group of people in the same situation. New members are often surprised at how quickly they make new friends, find the support they need and are no longer at a loss of what to do with the kids on the weekend.

Enquire today and drop in to an event. Take that first step to feeling connected and engaged. You’ll be made to feel welcome and included by our friendly members. They remember what it’s like to turn up to that first event and will look after you.

To find out more information about upcoming functions see the What’s On page.


Membership of the Single with Children is open to any single parent, subject to our Rules and Regulations. Membership cost $20 per year.

Become a member of Single With Children now and enjoy the benefits today!!!        — Simply click on the Join Now button at the top right of this page.

Membership can save you money.


Members of Single with Children enjoy these benefits:

  • A variety of Adult and family functions. Family based functions for when you have your children and Adult functions for when you don’t.
  • Special deals and Subsidies for member’s children at functions.– this can save you lots of money each year.
  • Networking and friendships for you and your children.
  • Private Facebook community page

Financial Members and their children are protected by the Rules and Bylaws of the group, the NSW Incorporated Association Act and a published privacy policy.

Funding: – We are entirely self funded and receive no government subsidies. All functions and activities are organised and hosted by volunteers.

Membership fees help to pay for administration of SWC,  web site costs,  and other expenses. .

If you require more information on membership, see Contact us for details to either contact us by phone or alternatively send an e-mail to our Membership Co-ordinator.

To become a member you can click on the Join Now button at the top of this page. If you don’t have internet banking,  See Forms & stuff to download an application form as well as our EFT details.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the group.

Please either call our toll–free number (1300 300 496), or submit your enquiry on-line using the Enquiry Form, and we will contact you back.

We have exciting fun-filled events every week for both adults and the kids…..

single parents 2 singles

Making new friends or catching up with ones you have already met…Single with children offers single parents a great new social life.

Talking with other single parents who understand what it means to be a single parent…

We regularly hold new members nights and Drop in’s – which are low key events where you can come along,  get to meet other new members  as well as finding out more about SWC in a safe and non threatening environment.

kids having fun 2      IMG_0273

Your children will meet other kids from single parent families. This helps them understand that they are not alone and there are plenty of other kids who have found themselves in a single parent family.

Your kids will love the exciting family activities we hold every weekend. It’s the fun way for your children to get to know others. Before long they will be wanting to go to all the events.



 Remember:      ‘There are no strangers here … only friends we haven’t met.’