Terms and Conditions

Single with Children (SWC) is a social group owned and operated by the Single Parent Family Association Inc, which is a registered Not for Profit group.

It is a condition of membership is that you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations. A copy of these can be obtained from the committee on request.

SWC understands and respects the privacy of it’s members. Your personal information will be not be given to any 3rd party or used without your prior permission.
As a Host of a SWC function you give permission to SWC to place your contact details within our publications – e-Highlights, our newsletter (Single with Children) and in the Members Only areas of our web site.

You also understand that may photo’s taken of you and your children at SWC events and they may be used by the group. Permission will be obtained on the use of any photo’s taken containing children at SWC family functions before use of them.

 Code of conduct:

Members and guests are expected to treat other members with respect and consideration.

Any complaint by a member brought to the committee attention will be handled according to the Rules and Regulations of SPFA.  All complaints regarding another members should be put in writing and forwarded to the Secretary.

Conduct at Functions:

  • Any person committing what is deemed to be unsociable behaviour may be asked to leave the function.
  • Anyone hosting a function in his or her home has the right to refuse admittance to any other person.
  • If there is any problem with a specific member, please do not hesitate to contact a committee member and we will deal with the matter accordingly.

Social Media Policy

Single with Children (SwC) expects its members to maintain a certain standard of behaviour when using Social Media. As such this policy has been developed to provide guidance to what is acceptable. Specifically this policy applies to all members of SwC who contribute to or post comments on the SwC Facebook page, the SwC MeetUp page or any other SwC online social media or web sites.

This policy also applies to members of SPFA who perform duties such as maintaining the SwC web site, Facebook and SwC MeetUp pages, or write, contribute or comment on other people’s or business’ social media sites for and on behalf of SwC.

All members of SwC should ensure they do not:

  • –       communicate any confidential information relating to SwC
  • –       divulge any material that may violate the privacy of another member without their prior permission

SwC acknowledges that it’s members have the right to contribute to public  websites, blogs and business or social networking sites. However members should be aware that inappropriate behaviour on such sites has the potential to cause harm to SwC and its’ members both collectively and individually.

Members of SwC should refrain from posting or using any inappropriate material on the SwC online sites and pages.

At all times members’ behaviour is required to be respectful, polite, fair and show due consideration to others. It should not criticise, harass, bully, alienate or intimidate any other member.

Comments, posts or contributions that may be deemed inappropriate include, but are not limited to, those that are sexist, religious, political or socia-economic in nature.

Inappropriate use of social media includes, but is not limited to:

  • –       using discriminatory, defamatory, abusive or otherwise objectionable language
  • –       stalking, bullying, trolling or marginalising any individual or group
  • –       accessing or uploading pornographic images
  • –       accessing or uploading illegal content, including extreme images of graphic content
  • –       accessing or referencing sites that promote hatred or extreme/fundamental beliefs and values

Complaints by members about other members shall be made to the committee in accordance with the Rules.

All members of SwC must comply with this policy. Any breach of this policy may be dealt with under the Rules of the Association.