weekend at Cockatoo Island

Really enjoyed the weekend at Cockatoo Island with both my sons. Good to know that there is free car parking next to the Woolwich Ferry Wharf so easy to transport camping gear onto Sydney Ferries (F3) bound for Cockatoo Island.

Embers Restaurant

Thanks Everyone that came. We had a great dinner and loved the food. This new restaurant in the Campbelltown catholic club gets a thumbs up from me. I think I might have to repeat this one again, need to try everything on their menu 🙂

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What our members say about SWC… “The companionship is great, possibly including a romantic interest (but that’s not a driver)” “ I just enjoy the company, male or female is not really important, just have a good chat” “It’s just what I need sometimes, to get out and socialise, rather than stay at home with the DVD/TV” “Beats the same old same old every weekend” “You get to meet a wide variety of people, much different to my usual friends ” “Being time poor, it is great to just see what’s on and attend” “Money is tight now, and I... View Article

Anna – Winston Hills

I realised it was important to spend time with other people and create a new life, and Single with Children really helped me to build my confidence to go out and meet new people. My younger son made new friends too and got the opportunity to do things he wouldn’t have with just the two of us – bowling, laser quest, weekends away and camping.

Short Quotes

What our members say about SWC… “It takes the pressure off parents to organise absolutely everything themselves” – Mary – Hornsby “It lets you to build your own self-confidence and go out with other people who come from a similar background” – Steve – Lane Cove “We can go camping again” – Kids “I don’t have lots of family around, and this group feels rather like a big extended family” – single mum – Castle Hill “It’s great to meet people in a safe and social environment” – Single dad  – Manly “It’s not a single’s group, parents seem to... View Article

David – Ryde

As a member of SWC – the weekends are now different. I now have fun activities to look forward to at weekends, whether my children are with me or not. Most of the other members of SWC have been through the same process and know how I feel. Once I joined SWC I was able to see that, tough as a family breakup was to go through, people did come out the other side and their kids were healthy, happy and normal despite their parent’s separation. Now life is great !!

Jayne Smith – Sydneysider

Before I joined SWC I didn’t know any other single parents and had nobody to turn to for support. I suddenly felt like a fish out of water in my social circle, being the only person who was not with a partner. I was trying shared care of the children with my ex-husband at it was emotionally very difficult to spend time away from my sons, especially at weekends. It was really lonely. Now with Single with Children – every weekend is full of activities for the kids and for me. I now have choices. there are events for adults... View Article